Business Services In Saudi Arabia

Hosted Market Visit

Jadwa Business Services, the best Business Services In Saudi Arabia conducts hosted market visits which helps the business people to get a better understanding about the market of Saudi Arabia. Typical HMV includes visas, accommodation, transportation, business briefing, a series of meetings, training, and research.

HMV is focused on you; there will be no other clients, so the agenda for each visit is tailored to you and your business. One of the biggest challenges facing the “mission” in Saudi Arabia’s very conservative market is that the achievement goals are particularly reluctant to speak to groups.

What is Hosted Market Visit?

HMV is based on a quick market check; Typically, within a few days in Saudi Arabia, Jadwa consultant and business services will meet you with potential partners, customers, end-users and experts from your sector, thereby allowing you to decide if the Saudi market is ready for your product or service.

HMV also gives you an opportunity to evaluate your company’s readiness to enter the Saudi market.

Each visit to a hosted market consists of the following:

  • Special Jadwa consultant and business services team members to ensure clear logistics from visits to trips as soon as you fasten your belt on the return flight.
  • We recommend holding targeted meetings based on the length of visit, the stage of development of Saudi Arabia and key goals.
  • You approve meeting goals (customers, partners, end-users, etc.) before we contact you.
  • Organized meeting support, unless otherwise required. This applies to rare situations where you need a translation or just when you need to know what has been said between those present.
  • All logistics – from the airport and daily transportation to the place of residence and food.
  • Post-visit after meeting the goals of the meeting.

If you do not want any of the above, for example, if you prefer your own hotel chain in Saudi Arabia, then these items are simply removed from the final price.

How we work?

Once our consulting team is fully acquainted with your service or product and your preferred approach to international business, it will take them about a month to research and prepare for your visit. During this time, they research, link, and pre-qualify their best goal accomplishments over several days. Please note that the team is often scheduled in advance, so if possible, it is best to schedule at least 2 months from the first JBS contact before the actual trip date.