Visa Services in Saudi Arabia

Jadwa Business Services offer one the most trusted visa services in Saudi Arabia that ensures hassle-free visa application process. JBS guides you through every stage of your visa application maintaining, complete transparency in all our involvements in the process.The type of visa needed varies as per your travel purpose.

  1. Passport requirements:

At Jadwa Business Services we offer the best visa services in Saudi Arabia by assisting our clients throughout the application process, starting from the prerequisites to the final approval. The documents required are original signed passport valid for 6 months after your stay in Saudi Arabia, with at least two adjacent, blank passport pages available for Saudi visa stamps and Saudi entry stamps. The change pages at the back of the passport are ineligible for a visa to Saudi Arabia.

  • Houston: One copy of the passport information page is required.
  • Washington DC: If you are applying for this visa with a passport issued after January 1, 2012, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia requires the applicant to provide a letter stating whether the traveler has had a visa to Saudi Arabia in a previous passport. If yes, please specify the validity date and number of entries for the most recently stored visa to Saudi Arabia and indicate whether this visa was used for entry into Saudi Arabia.
  1. Visa Application Form for Saudi Arabia:

One original, typed visa application form for Saudi Arabia.

The Consulate of Saudi Arabia requires the visa application to be completed in accordance with strict guidelines. Jadwa Business Services provides the best visa services in Saudi Arabia making the process of visa application easy for you.

Make sure your documentation is properly prepared using the document preparation service. When you place your order, you will receive a set of add-ons that contain an additional form where you can provide simple answers.

If you choose this service, the Specialist will work with you to ensure that the necessary documents are prepared in accordance with state and consular requirements. Once you complete the application form, we will return it to you via a secure and encrypted signature email, keeping your personal information.

  • Washington DC: Your application must include your mobile phone number and email address.
  1. Photo requirements:

Two recent 2 x 2 passport photos, colored, front view and plain/white background.

You must provide a one-color photo of your passport that meets the following criteria:

  1. Be perceived on a white background
  2. Be two inches by two inches
  3. Provide a full frontal look of the head with the face-centered in the middle and showing a neutral (not smiling) expression
  4. You may not wear glasses or hats except for religious purposes
  5. Your photo does not need to be attached to your application, and it may not show evidence of scotch or staples.
  6. Enjaz Registration:

Your visa application form must be completed online with the Saudi Arabian government. Jadwa consultant and business services offer the best visa services in Saudi and will complete this registration on your behalf as soon as we receive your application and supporting documents.

  1. Muslim Travelers:

If you are a Muslim and travel to Saudi Arabia, then you must provide an original, completed, signed and notarized statement of application.

  1. Official invitation:

Document certified by both the Chamber of Commerce of the Saudi Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The invitation must include the place of invitation to the company and the type of business. In addition, it must clearly indicate the applicant’s name, nationality, position, visa duration, the purpose of the trip and the number of applications requested.

  1. Registration Certificate:

You must provide a copy of the business registration of a Saudi company that invites or sponsors your trip. The copy must bear the stamp of approval issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Business Cover Letter:

You must provide the original cover

If you are a business partner/owner of an American company, you should provide an official document detailing this information. An example of an acceptable document is a corporate registration certificate. This must be provided with a business cover letter.

  1. Visa validity:

The validity of a visa in Saudi Arabia depends on the letter of invitation of Saudi Arabia provided in the visa application and at the discretion of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Visa Time:

A Saudi visa is usually processed within 4 – 7 business days after our company has received all the materials, including signed enjaz forms.